Telecharger Paymill Review

Telecharger Paymill Review

PAYMILL enables businesses to accept credit card, debit cards and PayPal payments on the web. The flexible REST API makes it easy to integrate a payment solution into your website.

The Paymill platform allows you to process all your subscriptions and client payments online. It includes built-in fraud prevention, integrated payment analytics and is designed to help you grow your business.


A well-integrated payment gateway can make the process of accepting payments much easier for your customers. In addition, it can increase customer confidence and drive more traffic to your website.

Paymill provides a number of convenient options to support your online business, including a subscription-based option that lets you easily handle recurring payments without any hassle. This feature can also help you increase customer retention and revenue by automating your processes.

In addition to being easy to install, the software also supports a range of currencies and has an attractive interface. You can manage your customers, transactions and invoices in a single dashboard. It also offers a calendar function that lets you see your transactions in a weekly, monthly or annual format.

Another convenient feature is the ability to integrate Paymill Connect into your shop. This add-on allows your prospective clients to sign up with just a few clicks using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Besides supporting credit cards, Paymill also offers SEPA direct debit transfers. This type of transaction is great for recurring payments such as rent or utility bills, or regular loan repayment installments.

The software is available in several languages and can be integrated into Odoo by simply changing a key value. This integration is especially useful for businesses that need to accept payments from international clients.

While Paymill is a reliable payment gateway, it’s also worth considering alternatives in case of problems or questions. It’s important to do a thorough comparison of software solutions before you decide on a particular one. In this way, you can be sure that your money is safe and that your online store will be up and running smoothly.

Payment options

Paymill offers an innovative solution that allows companies and services to integrate payments into their websites within a very short time. With a developer-friendly REST API, the check-out process can be customized as desired. Super-fast account activation takes only a few days and top-notch customer support is available.

To connect to Paymill, you need to have a valid Paymill account and an active payment rule. Once you have those, you can configure your site to accept payments through Paymill and enable card on file functionality for your returning customers.

The card on file option lets your customers add their credit cards to a virtual wallet on your website or mobile app, and then update them as they shop on your site. This helps you to keep track of card details and reduces the risk of fraud by ensuring that only authorized users can access them.

If you decide to use this feature, the customer’s card information is collected by Chargebee and passed on to Paymill. This relieves you of PCI compliance requirements and allows you to take care of your customers’ financial security.

When using this feature, the card details are stored in Spreedly, a third party card vault. The card data is encrypted and stored in a secure way. This makes it easy to manage and store card details for multiple sites without having to rely on any other software.

Customer support

Telecharger Paymill has a great customer support system in place. You can call them up Monday to Friday during business hours and they’ll be happy to help you out. In addition, they have a great website which is packed with useful information and resources. They also have a FAQ section and an online chat feature. You can even use their online store to order samples of their products!

They have a number of products, including a payment gateway that supports all the major credit cards. They also offer a subscription-based service that allows you to charge customers on a recurring basis. The best part is that the technology they use to handle a recurring payment is very efficient and secure. It’s a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

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